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What is Max-Gut Health?

Working with problem horses over the last 25 years it has become apparent that there is a huge link between gut health and behaviour.

Although there are products on the market that help the horses gut and the acid in the gut, the hind gut has alway been a worry. I was introduced to a product in 2018 that supports the hind gut as well as the overall health of the digestive system. I have trialled this product myself over the last year on my own horses and client’s horses. The feedback has been excellent.

Two of my horses have been scoped for ulcers in the past so I know they are susceptible, after the first 4 weeks of taking the supplement they definitely started to change, their focus on their work was much more settled, one of my horses can be very spooky, I really noticed a big difference in this. I also found that I could reduce their hard feed by at least a 3rd.

Horses that were a bit stressy and anxious have definitely become more settled without losing their spark when you need it. (This would only help gut related stress and anxiety)

I have also had 2 or 3 sport horses that were struggling to build muscle when they came back into work after time off, after 8 weeks on the Healthy Gut supplement the horses became much stronger and started to build good quality muscle.

With such great results with a good number of horses across the board I approached the manufactures. (They are an animal nutrition technology company that offers pioneering products and technical services to the global animal feed industry) to ask about selling it to the horse industry here in the UK, not only did they agree but also allowed me to sell under our own branding.

This product contains:- Milled Seaweed, live yeast and gut flora stabilisers. 

This product does not contain and animal products. 

Shipping - Goods are shipped using Royal Mail parcel services. For the three months suply we cover the cost of shipping. Goods are usually shipped within 48hrs and delivery is within 48hrs from then.

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